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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big Tex murdered by his sponsors

Well lets be honest Big Tex wears Dickey's Clothes.                                                             When most of us think of "Dickey's" most do not think Western garb any more. We think hoodies, oversized khaki pants and typical hoodlum looking Hip Hop culture esque wear.                                                                                                                                            Perhaps when he is re-imagined we will see Hiphop/Swag Tex . With pants firmly across his knees and his ass hanging out for all to see in horror.  Headphones and hoodies with a baseball style hat that never seems to fit on his head as intended in it's design.  Perhaps a "Big" oversized faux bling watch. Sporting some brand new just out of the box white sneakers.                                                                                                 With even newer additional sponsored accessories like a temp phone placed in his hand. Along with other sorts of adverts for  tobacco, liquor stores, check cashing ,bail bonds, etc etc etc.  Oh yeah and Budweiser's in there somewhere too.                                                                                                            Perhaps a hand full of dollar bills so people Identify with him more.                                  Perhaps a Giant Ipod/ phone to go with Big Tex and  a giant video display to match.So people can be informed on whats hot in music,life systle,culture.      With even more product placements and sponsors putting products into perspective. Giving us some eye candy that the everyday kind of person who identifies with "Dickey's Clothing" can relate with. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I do realize times have changed. However times are changing again.                        

I always feel that the most successful night clubs are always going to be the ones that promote there own artist , musicians and over all entertainment for there own venues. These venues keep a higher level of entertainment by keeping quality talent in there own venues.   The music tends to be very forward thinking and people generally do not care about your socioeconomic status. The clubs create word of mouth and have a constant flow of new customers.

 Venues that are for rent and do not promote there own entertainment will always be struggling.                                                                                                              Most require that the entertainment/promotion group has to  promote there own nights in there venue 100%.The problem is that most of this as a business model does not work with a few hit and mostly misses.  It is good for entry level people in the scene to get a leg up and into the club scene. It works on some levels for smaller venues that only depend on high volume weekend traffic to keep them afloat.
However the problem is that  advertisement is a business expense. Small venues often miss the point that spending on there own venue's advertisements cost them money. As anyone in business will tell you. Advertisement's Pays!  It also can be deducted as a business expense on taxes. Clubs that do not contribute to there own venues promotions will always be a the bottom end of revenue for night clubs. If you figure that the when things are bad in business they are really bad. The good nights might stabilize you're bottom line but will not keep you in business in the long term. The overall constant is the lack of night life experience for your club will often create a constant stream of bad experiences not enough new business and cascade you into closing.

 We have some clubs offering life style "exclusivity" by bottle servicing  and premium pricing. That will always keep most  people away and honestly only attracts the people who in general want to show off there disposable income. However, the only people who seem to really care about this is other superficial people who are just as shallow and self fulfilling, gold diggers, the club owner and your classic 30-K millionaires. For the most part these clubs cater to work obsessed or the idle rich who are generally clueless to the world around them. The music for these clubs tends to be very generic for those who don't have time to keep up on music. They tend to spend more on life style orientated advertisement for people who long to belong who feel that socializing with the right people is the most important thing in life. What the result is generic people and venue.  These venues make lots of money for shot amounts of time.They generally go out of business because in  this business model is self destructive when , your customer base jump ship for newer, hotter, more happening venues that all ride the trendy bandwagon, and do not produce more substance. These tend to be the biggest money laundering vehicles for anyone looking to wash dirty money.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grind2Shine Podcast May Part 2
John Daily "Sun Burst" Los Updates & Ricardo Villalobos "I Miss U" (Endless Summer Remix) Sebastian Davidson "Johnny" (BarBQ Remix) Akabu "Not Afraid of the Future" (DJ Fudge Remix) Slam "Eterna" (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix) Gurhan "Between Us" (Terry Lee Brown Jr Remix) Tennis "Make It Good" (Ryan Elliot Remix) Dj Sneak "Wickedy Soundz" (Johnny Fiasco Remix) *Ross MT Park "Krill" Prototype Platinum Records*** Vital & Hubb "Switch Back" (Deez Afro Dub) Martin Zeyss "Keep On" (Shur I Kan Remix ) Kruse & Nuernberg "Daze With Out You" (zeitgeit Remix) Joe Stawarz " M-17"{Ambivilent Bi-ways Remix) Ian O'Donovan "Reign Orion " (Ioan Gamboa Remix) Dosem "How DO You Do It" Ang Strom " Gorilla" Tube & Berger "Soul Good" S-Groove "Feel Your Soul" (Randall Jones Remix) Timo Garcia " Shamen" (Sisko Electrofanatik Remix) Mark E Oranges (Space Dub) Vince Watson "Voodoo Disco (Latin Mix) Manuel Tur "The Next Life" (From the Swans Reflecting Elephants on Freerange Uk.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Genre Alert

OK new Genre Alert. For all the Electro-Pop, Rap-Mashup's  commercial Dub-Step & Cheesey Commercial trance Djs calling there shit House music.

Here it is....

 'Jersey Shore Spray Tan Trailer House Music'.   Here is why.

 It is really passed it expiration date .
Won't be around in the future.
Has filtered down into Trailer parks across the USA. (Why do you think all the people who used to be into Rap metal, heavy metal , Coke Rapper Ghetto rap and other wise "Junt" "Junt" forms of music all want to be Djs now.
Also explains why EDM now is just about people standing around watching  the stage waiting for somthing to happen instead of dancing.
It's about as fake & fleeting as a fake spray on tan.
Filled with a bunch of douche bags & Wanna B. rapper types that are so convinced that some how the music they play is some how different than what Pauly D plays.
It used to be respectable  when it was true house music, but now its White trash ghetto nation of wannaB djs.
Just like MTV its really not about the music any more. Filled with a bunch of pousers and decoys.

Friday, April 27, 2012

People need to stop calling there shit House Music. When it is anything but.... House.      Electro Pop? ,Commercial Dance Music,  yes,
Retro trance perhaps, Akoi Cake throwing jams ?,Stadium Anthem Music + Fire Works, NU-Rave, Electro-Bop.

 Playing Stardust in the middle of your set does not make you house, and neither does "Show ME Love"   or some horrible re-hash.  
                                                                                                       Calling it house is the same as trying to label  Pink Floyd as Industrial . Trying to label Blur as Country music. Labeling a Sci-Fi movie as a Romantic Comedy.    Calling a history book a work of  Greek  poetry.    
 One might have elements of the other and be a category in the same subject.  

Or just  call it "IT's Funky but it Ain't House"  

Whats the deal with Young people practicing there  Djing in front of the mirror?  Working on there crowd looks??????

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

As March & Miami Leaves us in 2012 we are sitting on a mountain of music. I would just like to say thank you to everyone who listens , subscribes, downloads my selections for the Grind2Shine Podcast. See myself ,Hulon Pate Live @ The Absinthe Lounge in Dallas Texas April 22, & April 29th for Deep After Dark a night of Underground House & Deep Techno Soul 

Grind2Shine Podcast Click here to listen or download

Gotye "Somebody That I Used To Know" ( Dirty Secret's Late Night Mix) Freaks & Stella Attar "We Move" Darlyn Vlys "Culture" (Alli Borem Remix) 3Hundreds "Back In Love" Mechanique "Lips"(Dirk Schoenhoefer Rework) Volkan Ozer "Don't Be Afraid" Glimpse & Martin Dawson "Our Friends" (Vox) Raid Over Moscow "Rush to the Capsule" (Ewan Pearson Remix) Elon "Up North" MVIP "Barrique" (Vincenzo Remix) Sebastian Davidson "Kolari" Mark Broom "Box Set" Orbital "Wonky" Lp Mix Feat . Lady Leshurr Ryan Thompson " Falling Underground" (Freaky Disco) Groove Armada " OH Tweak ME" Fort Romeau " Jack Rollin" Dark Works" "No Guest List" Dean Beaker" Believe in Me" Danism "Say It Out Loud" Vincenzo "Yeah, Yeah , Yeah" Phil Weeks "Disco Inferno" Christian Scott "Lost" Simon Baker "Human Mystery" Intruder (A Murk Production) feat. Jei - Amame (Luke Solomons Live Revision) Sasse " Feel It" (Alain Ho Mental Beauty Remix) Hernan Cattaneo & Sound Exile " Japanese Snow Bell " (Manuel Sofia Remix)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

FM Music still sucks

I was reading some very good point's by Tom Leykis , on how so many radio station managers and corporate programming systems,  ran FM radio into the ground over the last decade.                                                                                                                               I have to say, people who are honestly not in touch with or deeply into music , really have no business in the programming aspects of radio.                                                                                                                    If you can't pick or decide on the music to play(Programming) on your own, and you have to depend on a focus group to decide your play list.  Perhaps you have no business , deciding on the programming.                                                                                                                     Focus groups only ensures a bunch of clueless people who know even less about music than the corporate people who hired them to make a choice.                                                                                    They ultimately decide on what music gets played on the air, and in the rotation  by 'what music would be less likely  to not  have the channel changed while playing'.                                                                     Which seems to be the biggest factor for focus groups for F.M. radio music programming these days.                                                                                                                       The end result is more of the same, predictable tired and saturated.                                                   Original programming used to make radio exciting.  Now days I can't see why anyone would spend money to advertise on the radio. Radio is dead. However in Dallas we have over 12 Spanish speaking stations on F.M.                                                                        I will honestly say I have  never really been a huge fan of radio. The major factor has always been, I was always able to go find new music on my own.  However I can really see why this had made the night club culture in America with bad music.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vinyl Purist please don't bore me.

I always like when people go on and on about how they Dj only on vinyl. Sadly the same people who do, are never going on and on about the new vinyl they just got, or big vinyl shopping purchases.  Never post up any of there own new recent mixes and if they do it's like a mix. ( *with a few note worthy exceptions) of grave yard finds.                                                                                                                                                                         I like to play older music and classics too, but I love playing new music and breaking new records not following other people and being a clone of some one else.                                                                                              However slagging off a digital DJ's or Djing, that it is some how a lesser art is not proving anything unless you have some prolific output of your own DJing talents and mixes to back it up.                                                                                                        All I got to say if your going to go on and be 100% vinyl,l would say put out a new mix with all  NEW Music , or at least something recent , current or some how relevant in 2012.  Don't throw together your old bits that  sounds like a Dave Pearce anthem's/classic's  session. There are loads of vinyl only labels, and tons of established and current  labels printing vinyl every month.  SO until ya do just realize Digital DJing has changed how people mix music. It is no longer just mixing from sound source A. into sound source B.                                                                                          Weather you are playing the biggest pop songs, scratching & chopping it up or taking everyone on the journey of a life time.  Don't tell me how superior it is unless you got your own street cred. and a ton of your own music production  pressed up.  Cause at the end of the day if your a wedding DJ or playing music to a packed night club audience  . Your either the guy playing new music music, or just hanging on to a medium that will always and forever keep you behind the times with music. Unless you  are buying up everything in sight on the regular,spending a monthly house payment worth of vinyl records to keep up with the new era of digital distribution.
There are DJ's like Mr.C (Richard West) and Sven Vath to name only a few A-list dj's who are held in the highest respect for the vinyl  life style they enjoy.. I am not talking about these nice gents.
  I am talking about the people who talk shit , but  are not doing shit in music or anything else. Unless you come from the old school and I am talking about vinyl from before the 90's . Don't start talking your better or anything else cause your just a friend, of a friend, of a friend ,who went to a rave/party and decided that I want to be a DJ too and have a go on the decks.     When your all about the music, you just do it and don't waste your time or others peoples time not being about the music!    

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Grind2Shine Podcast March Preview Ver.1 (Miami Waves + Disco Babes)

Spencer Parker - Improvised Minotaur (Molly Remix) 
Bart Skills ' All About the Music' 
Subb-An 'Take you Back' (Ryan Elliot Remix) 
Kaschant, Johnny Fiore 'Over London'
Pirupa " Party Non Stop'
Piek ' We Feel House' 
Boris Ross 'Tap Ya Feet' 
Skwerl "You Need to Dance 12" Mix 
Karol XVII & MB Valence ' Crowded House' (Pezzner Mix) 
Sascha Sonido 'Mando Dio'
Kiko '450' 
Gideon 'FF-unk' 
Jacksonville 'Twilight Industries'
Hector Couto ' Gabeta ' 
Drumcomplex ' Swarm' 
Barry Jamieson 'Phased Loop' (Tripped Out Mix)
Franck Roger & Terence Terry ' Hustling People' 
Steve Mac feat. Nic Fanciulli 'Give it to me'( (Josh Wink Interpretation) 
Guy-J 'Pathos' (Luis Junior Remix) 
Alexander Kowakski "Crossing Boarder' 
The Audible Suspects "Deep Sea' 
Shall Ocin 'Moving On' 
Takuya Yamashita 'Mars

The Grind2Shine Podcast March ( Miami Waves + Disco Babes)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grind2Shine Podcast (2.0February)

Grind2Shine Podcast (February 2.0)Black Legend "Trouble With You" (J-Reverse 2012 Mix) Chez Damier "Can you Feel It" (Super Nova Remix) Insect Elektrika " Super Man In Strings" Simon Garcia " Teras ' N Vein (Deetron Remix) Loaded Dice "Warm" Roy Mclaren "Minor Affair" Chymera My Life (Octogon Remix) Richie G. "But Her Fly" Silver Six Funky! (DJ PP & Festa Bros Remix) Picnic Electronique (Original Mix) Kaum "Back Door" Tony Lionni " Forever Is A Longtime" Boys Noize"Boys Noize - Adonis (Mark E Remix) Ramon Tapia "dont go" Dub Taylor "Afro Pito" Mark Mansion " My Musik" Hollen "Cuando El Ritmo (Original Mix) Smash TV "Steroids To Heaven" (KIKO Remix) Sebastian Davidson "Miles Away( Spirtcatcher Remix) Moulnex " Sun Flare" SQL "Extended Sundays" Kevin Yost & Peter Funk "Dreams Of You (Sebastian Davidson Remix) "

Grind2Shine Podcast February 1.0

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dub Step meets Heavy Metal with the Return of Korn


When every speed freak, metal head , dirt kid,meth addict , emo-thuged out ,waste-oids, cheerleader,skate-rat, church group , suv driving soccer mom,  middle American,redneck, rock-a-billy cuffed dragging  , gym-roid-rat, morning show host, nine to fiver & grade school kiddo's are all singing the catch phrase of " Dub Step"
You got to ask your self, " How cool can  it really be anymore"? Well, it is coming to every  trailer house and middle school in America.

 It's no longer a definable signature sound anymore. It is however a sound of fist pumping & hearing loss. Making it a questionable genre of "music" all together.  With rumor's of the world's biggest under aged  pop artist adding "Dub Step" to his  up and coming albums productions. The clock is ticking down to all the generic and flat out horrific  mutations  and bastard genre's that  this  Dub Step meets metal collaboration will ultimately create.
                                                                                                                                                                               Heavy metal lives again I'm afraid  and perhaps it is  a "zombied up'd" version of rap metal. Rap metal  that came from the spawning of  the "Judgement Night Sound Track" in  1993. With the genius pairing of credible hard rock acts with underground hip hop artist & rappers in the studio.   However the pairing of Rap & Metal also gave us  mutations like " I.C.P. & Juggalo culture.
 Either way  it's either genius for Korn to use the" Dub Step's"  poster boy, Skrillex to cash in on his  popularity. This will render "Dub Step" and the term" Underground"  no longer valid in the same sentences.
 Korn's use of Skrillex's popularity might be considered genius. It might also be considered  pay back as well   as Skrillex's stole Korn's   "I'm dressed to commit a felony" fashion sense & hair cut from the late 90's.                               This album is less about bass wobbles but more about sonic speaker damage with horrible iffy lyrics.                                                                                                            

Does anyone remember that out the late 70's  that every one from the Rolling Stone's, Rod Stewart, Donald Duck, Micky Mouse, and everyone else who was credible or not  in music, movies and t.v.all had a disco album's.
 A popular form of music  of the 70's which spawned night club culture as we know it today.  Which also filtered down into mainstream life, music, movies and culture. At least Disco was about fun. Dub Step is about fist Pumping to the massive bass distortions while experiencing hearing loss. At least  rave culture was about people dancing to the Dj &"Chemical  Love" and music that  people  could continually dance the night away.    Dub Step embraces an altogether dismal vibe.

Dub Step at it's darkest , this new Americanized version is not about dancing but rather some form of dark rooms in any club filled with people jacking crystal meth. Standing around waiting for something to happen. When the "Drop" does come people stand around giving each other high fives.  Where people just stand around and watch while the "Artist" plays "Dub Step -Bass" music at them .
This fusion of the Metal  band Korn with emo producer Skrillex  will sell records to everyone who's angry at the world, and eternally twelve years old with  every other social pariah in existence in the check out lane at the local Walmart.   This will appeal to people who are clueless that heavy metal died out years ago. With  12- 20 year old kids who fancy them selves "Dj's" of the modern digital age. It will also attract  people so boring and normal  that buying this album will make them feel like they touched the devil him self.

Big steps for the music genre of Dubstep and  even bigger steps for the re-birth of Korn and the heavy metal music fan base.  Yep,  Dub Step has become a giant mountain of  popularity. This fusion of two harder forms of music might indicate that the next logical step in the music's progression is plunging down off  that huge mountain onto the rocks below of  musical saturation. With it's ultimate demise from lingering mediocrity and it's over all bleeding to death from the pop culture bandwagon.                                                                                                                                                              

Is that a big enough of a drop for ya?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Solace Mix by Hulon Pate The Grind2Shine Pod Cast #18

!Enjoy The Grind2Shine Pod Cast "Winter Solace Mix by Hulon Pate
Francesco Tedeschi " OPEN THE DOOR"
JAZZANOVA "Look What You're Doin' To Me feat. Phonte( Manuel Tur & DPlAY REMIX)
MARC DE PULSE "Gegen Den Strom"
DAVIDE SQUILLACE 'Crocodile Tears 'Robert Dietz Cry Me A River Mix