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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big Tex murdered by his sponsors

Well lets be honest Big Tex wears Dickey's Clothes.                                                             When most of us think of "Dickey's" most do not think Western garb any more. We think hoodies, oversized khaki pants and typical hoodlum looking Hip Hop culture esque wear.                                                                                                                                            Perhaps when he is re-imagined we will see Hiphop/Swag Tex . With pants firmly across his knees and his ass hanging out for all to see in horror.  Headphones and hoodies with a baseball style hat that never seems to fit on his head as intended in it's design.  Perhaps a "Big" oversized faux bling watch. Sporting some brand new just out of the box white sneakers.                                                                                                 With even newer additional sponsored accessories like a temp phone placed in his hand. Along with other sorts of adverts for  tobacco, liquor stores, check cashing ,bail bonds, etc etc etc.  Oh yeah and Budweiser's in there somewhere too.                                                                                                            Perhaps a hand full of dollar bills so people Identify with him more.                                  Perhaps a Giant Ipod/ phone to go with Big Tex and  a giant video display to match.So people can be informed on whats hot in music,life systle,culture.      With even more product placements and sponsors putting products into perspective. Giving us some eye candy that the everyday kind of person who identifies with "Dickey's Clothing" can relate with. 

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