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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dub Step meets Heavy Metal with the Return of Korn


When every speed freak, metal head , dirt kid,meth addict , emo-thuged out ,waste-oids, cheerleader,skate-rat, church group , suv driving soccer mom,  middle American,redneck, rock-a-billy cuffed dragging  , gym-roid-rat, morning show host, nine to fiver & grade school kiddo's are all singing the catch phrase of " Dub Step"
You got to ask your self, " How cool can  it really be anymore"? Well, it is coming to every  trailer house and middle school in America.

 It's no longer a definable signature sound anymore. It is however a sound of fist pumping & hearing loss. Making it a questionable genre of "music" all together.  With rumor's of the world's biggest under aged  pop artist adding "Dub Step" to his  up and coming albums productions. The clock is ticking down to all the generic and flat out horrific  mutations  and bastard genre's that  this  Dub Step meets metal collaboration will ultimately create.
                                                                                                                                                                               Heavy metal lives again I'm afraid  and perhaps it is  a "zombied up'd" version of rap metal. Rap metal  that came from the spawning of  the "Judgement Night Sound Track" in  1993. With the genius pairing of credible hard rock acts with underground hip hop artist & rappers in the studio.   However the pairing of Rap & Metal also gave us  mutations like " I.C.P. & Juggalo culture.
 Either way  it's either genius for Korn to use the" Dub Step's"  poster boy, Skrillex to cash in on his  popularity. This will render "Dub Step" and the term" Underground"  no longer valid in the same sentences.
 Korn's use of Skrillex's popularity might be considered genius. It might also be considered  pay back as well   as Skrillex's stole Korn's   "I'm dressed to commit a felony" fashion sense & hair cut from the late 90's.                               This album is less about bass wobbles but more about sonic speaker damage with horrible iffy lyrics.                                                                                                            

Does anyone remember that out the late 70's  that every one from the Rolling Stone's, Rod Stewart, Donald Duck, Micky Mouse, and everyone else who was credible or not  in music, movies and t.v.all had a disco album's.
 A popular form of music  of the 70's which spawned night club culture as we know it today.  Which also filtered down into mainstream life, music, movies and culture. At least Disco was about fun. Dub Step is about fist Pumping to the massive bass distortions while experiencing hearing loss. At least  rave culture was about people dancing to the Dj &"Chemical  Love" and music that  people  could continually dance the night away.    Dub Step embraces an altogether dismal vibe.

Dub Step at it's darkest , this new Americanized version is not about dancing but rather some form of dark rooms in any club filled with people jacking crystal meth. Standing around waiting for something to happen. When the "Drop" does come people stand around giving each other high fives.  Where people just stand around and watch while the "Artist" plays "Dub Step -Bass" music at them .
This fusion of the Metal  band Korn with emo producer Skrillex  will sell records to everyone who's angry at the world, and eternally twelve years old with  every other social pariah in existence in the check out lane at the local Walmart.   This will appeal to people who are clueless that heavy metal died out years ago. With  12- 20 year old kids who fancy them selves "Dj's" of the modern digital age. It will also attract  people so boring and normal  that buying this album will make them feel like they touched the devil him self.

Big steps for the music genre of Dubstep and  even bigger steps for the re-birth of Korn and the heavy metal music fan base.  Yep,  Dub Step has become a giant mountain of  popularity. This fusion of two harder forms of music might indicate that the next logical step in the music's progression is plunging down off  that huge mountain onto the rocks below of  musical saturation. With it's ultimate demise from lingering mediocrity and it's over all bleeding to death from the pop culture bandwagon.                                                                                                                                                              

Is that a big enough of a drop for ya?

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