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Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Genre Alert

OK new Genre Alert. For all the Electro-Pop, Rap-Mashup's  commercial Dub-Step & Cheesey Commercial trance Djs calling there shit House music.

Here it is....

 'Jersey Shore Spray Tan Trailer House Music'.   Here is why.

 It is really passed it expiration date .
Won't be around in the future.
Has filtered down into Trailer parks across the USA. (Why do you think all the people who used to be into Rap metal, heavy metal , Coke Rapper Ghetto rap and other wise "Junt" "Junt" forms of music all want to be Djs now.
Also explains why EDM now is just about people standing around watching  the stage waiting for somthing to happen instead of dancing.
It's about as fake & fleeting as a fake spray on tan.
Filled with a bunch of douche bags & Wanna B. rapper types that are so convinced that some how the music they play is some how different than what Pauly D plays.
It used to be respectable  when it was true house music, but now its White trash ghetto nation of wannaB djs.
Just like MTV its really not about the music any more. Filled with a bunch of pousers and decoys.

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