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Friday, April 27, 2012

People need to stop calling there shit House Music. When it is anything but.... House.      Electro Pop? ,Commercial Dance Music,  yes,
Retro trance perhaps, Akoi Cake throwing jams ?,Stadium Anthem Music + Fire Works, NU-Rave, Electro-Bop.

 Playing Stardust in the middle of your set does not make you house, and neither does "Show ME Love"   or some horrible re-hash.  
                                                                                                       Calling it house is the same as trying to label  Pink Floyd as Industrial . Trying to label Blur as Country music. Labeling a Sci-Fi movie as a Romantic Comedy.    Calling a history book a work of  Greek  poetry.    
 One might have elements of the other and be a category in the same subject.  

Or just  call it "IT's Funky but it Ain't House"  

Whats the deal with Young people practicing there  Djing in front of the mirror?  Working on there crowd looks??????

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