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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vinyl Purist please don't bore me.

I always like when people go on and on about how they Dj only on vinyl. Sadly the same people who do, are never going on and on about the new vinyl they just got, or big vinyl shopping purchases.  Never post up any of there own new recent mixes and if they do it's like a mix. ( *with a few note worthy exceptions) of grave yard finds.                                                                                                                                                                         I like to play older music and classics too, but I love playing new music and breaking new records not following other people and being a clone of some one else.                                                                                              However slagging off a digital DJ's or Djing, that it is some how a lesser art is not proving anything unless you have some prolific output of your own DJing talents and mixes to back it up.                                                                                                        All I got to say if your going to go on and be 100% vinyl,l would say put out a new mix with all  NEW Music , or at least something recent , current or some how relevant in 2012.  Don't throw together your old bits that  sounds like a Dave Pearce anthem's/classic's  session. There are loads of vinyl only labels, and tons of established and current  labels printing vinyl every month.  SO until ya do just realize Digital DJing has changed how people mix music. It is no longer just mixing from sound source A. into sound source B.                                                                                          Weather you are playing the biggest pop songs, scratching & chopping it up or taking everyone on the journey of a life time.  Don't tell me how superior it is unless you got your own street cred. and a ton of your own music production  pressed up.  Cause at the end of the day if your a wedding DJ or playing music to a packed night club audience  . Your either the guy playing new music music, or just hanging on to a medium that will always and forever keep you behind the times with music. Unless you  are buying up everything in sight on the regular,spending a monthly house payment worth of vinyl records to keep up with the new era of digital distribution.
There are DJ's like Mr.C (Richard West) and Sven Vath to name only a few A-list dj's who are held in the highest respect for the vinyl  life style they enjoy.. I am not talking about these nice gents.
  I am talking about the people who talk shit , but  are not doing shit in music or anything else. Unless you come from the old school and I am talking about vinyl from before the 90's . Don't start talking your better or anything else cause your just a friend, of a friend, of a friend ,who went to a rave/party and decided that I want to be a DJ too and have a go on the decks.     When your all about the music, you just do it and don't waste your time or others peoples time not being about the music!    

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