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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Grind2Shine Podcast March Preview Ver.1 (Miami Waves + Disco Babes)

Spencer Parker - Improvised Minotaur (Molly Remix) 
Bart Skills ' All About the Music' 
Subb-An 'Take you Back' (Ryan Elliot Remix) 
Kaschant, Johnny Fiore 'Over London'
Pirupa " Party Non Stop'
Piek ' We Feel House' 
Boris Ross 'Tap Ya Feet' 
Skwerl "You Need to Dance 12" Mix 
Karol XVII & MB Valence ' Crowded House' (Pezzner Mix) 
Sascha Sonido 'Mando Dio'
Kiko '450' 
Gideon 'FF-unk' 
Jacksonville 'Twilight Industries'
Hector Couto ' Gabeta ' 
Drumcomplex ' Swarm' 
Barry Jamieson 'Phased Loop' (Tripped Out Mix)
Franck Roger & Terence Terry ' Hustling People' 
Steve Mac feat. Nic Fanciulli 'Give it to me'( (Josh Wink Interpretation) 
Guy-J 'Pathos' (Luis Junior Remix) 
Alexander Kowakski "Crossing Boarder' 
The Audible Suspects "Deep Sea' 
Shall Ocin 'Moving On' 
Takuya Yamashita 'Mars

The Grind2Shine Podcast March ( Miami Waves + Disco Babes)