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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I do realize times have changed. However times are changing again.                        

I always feel that the most successful night clubs are always going to be the ones that promote there own artist , musicians and over all entertainment for there own venues. These venues keep a higher level of entertainment by keeping quality talent in there own venues.   The music tends to be very forward thinking and people generally do not care about your socioeconomic status. The clubs create word of mouth and have a constant flow of new customers.

 Venues that are for rent and do not promote there own entertainment will always be struggling.                                                                                                              Most require that the entertainment/promotion group has to  promote there own nights in there venue 100%.The problem is that most of this as a business model does not work with a few hit and mostly misses.  It is good for entry level people in the scene to get a leg up and into the club scene. It works on some levels for smaller venues that only depend on high volume weekend traffic to keep them afloat.
However the problem is that  advertisement is a business expense. Small venues often miss the point that spending on there own venue's advertisements cost them money. As anyone in business will tell you. Advertisement's Pays!  It also can be deducted as a business expense on taxes. Clubs that do not contribute to there own venues promotions will always be a the bottom end of revenue for night clubs. If you figure that the when things are bad in business they are really bad. The good nights might stabilize you're bottom line but will not keep you in business in the long term. The overall constant is the lack of night life experience for your club will often create a constant stream of bad experiences not enough new business and cascade you into closing.

 We have some clubs offering life style "exclusivity" by bottle servicing  and premium pricing. That will always keep most  people away and honestly only attracts the people who in general want to show off there disposable income. However, the only people who seem to really care about this is other superficial people who are just as shallow and self fulfilling, gold diggers, the club owner and your classic 30-K millionaires. For the most part these clubs cater to work obsessed or the idle rich who are generally clueless to the world around them. The music for these clubs tends to be very generic for those who don't have time to keep up on music. They tend to spend more on life style orientated advertisement for people who long to belong who feel that socializing with the right people is the most important thing in life. What the result is generic people and venue.  These venues make lots of money for shot amounts of time.They generally go out of business because in  this business model is self destructive when , your customer base jump ship for newer, hotter, more happening venues that all ride the trendy bandwagon, and do not produce more substance. These tend to be the biggest money laundering vehicles for anyone looking to wash dirty money.

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