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Friday, April 29, 2011

Tony Lionni " Lost Souls Ep"

If your are an avid house or techno buyer, Tony Lionni is a production mega star. Unless you have been living under a rock Tony Lionni  has been a constant spark of inspirations in his piano laden soulful sounds. I can honestly say Tony has not put a wrong foot forward yet. Every thing this guy puts out is not only amazing, it raises the bar that the average producer hopeful might need a life time to even get close to the quality of  Tony Lionni .
 His current release the Lost Souls Ep is stunning in its simple yet effective house groove. Piano's and deep pulsing bass lines that make just playing his music and djing his tracks the highlight of any and every set.
"Positive Vibrations" is my choice pick to play out. How ever you could play any and every track with no regrets.    

  If your still banging away, with tired electro house or still think Dub step is still in vogue. You are missing out on one of this decades premiere electronic music producer. House music in 2011 has been healthier and more vibrant than ever. House music has made a huge come back in the last few years Tony Lionni  is one reason why.  

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