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Friday, April 29, 2011

Robert Babicz "Nektar EP"""

Robert Babicz new release "Nektar Ep." is a must have for any one who wants to make a big splash and still keep it" house" oriented. This release is also on Robert's own Babicz Style Label.  The tittle track Nektar, has one of the most evil killer bass lines in recent years. This buzzing bass line is electro house with out any of the typical boring production glitz.  This track rolls on and on, but is a shear delight to play as it seems to go on forever and and never looses your attention. However I suspect this one will be played for some years to come as its an instant classic for the late night house and techno generation.
  Several tracks from this  Ep were  also played  on his stunning Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1. I am going to say for the record if you have not heard his Mix, please do so. He's already got my vote for the best mix this year!

 "From Manchester to New Castle " is also fully deserving of some air time as well. Its deep Detroit techno classic bass line defines Roberts limitless production quality.
  "Vibrating Hearts" is a late night 303 acid squelcher.  Its deep , infectious and building pace is a roller coaster of emotions. Deep into the heart of Robert Babiczs acid  past.   The "Nektar EP" is 4 tracks of solid playable  timeless music that will be getting loads of air time in club land all over the world. When people like Robert Babicz release such timeless music. Its is both inspiration and frustration that your own music will never be as  as perfect as this producers magic touch on electronic music. How ever his long time devotion to music has taken him years to where he is today. I can appreciate his dedication and his perfections. Well done Robert Babicz ,well done indeed!   Check out Roberts Babicz Nektar Ep on youtube!

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