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Monday, March 7, 2011

Hercules & Love Affair "BLVE SONGS"

On the new Hercules & Love Affair I find a group who have been pushing the Nu Disco sound that has been coming on strong for the last few years by way of artists like the Revenge, and the house hold names like Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, and  Holy Ghost. All of these artists have done remixes for major electronic acts like the Chemical Brothers & Moby. Hercules & Love Affair are in the same league. With their classic track "Blind" from 2008 remixed  by the God Father of House Frankie Knuckles that transformed the track into a modern house anthem.
  This Album starts out with a disco number "Painted Eyes" . It is easily forgettable in the first opening moments, with its lack of todays smooth F.M. slick pop and obvious classic disco  guitar throw back licks.  This album instantly transfers you into the past of the Paradise  Garage  or loft parties of  David Mancuso  in the 70s, the time where music was much more free to be an expression of sound and depth of an artistic endeavor.  "Painted Eyes " is a really deep disco with instantly recognized vocalist that is the Hercules & Love Affair.
It is really  just fun music for today. A throw to when people just chilled out and had a listen to what ever album someone had on. 
  The second track "My House", also the first single from the LP, will be the most played track with the original & remixes out now. It comes on like a piece of acid house with its throwback bass lines and classic house beats, sounding more like an 80s era acid House that the city Chicago made famous.
"Blue Boy"   is a moving piece of altered states and really has a modern day Pink Floyd style.
It's a long and drawn out  piece of classic acoustic guitars and synth .  It is about as epic as a song that 5 minutes in time will allow these days.
"Step Up"  is one of the most dance floor ready tracks.  Its production is a cross between Tensnake's 2010 anthem "Coma Cat " and  a classic hip hop record. This vocal  house track is my favorite of the entire LP. A track designed for today's vanguard djs and dance floors. One that Should be played for many years to follow.
 Noted there are are several tracks I did not take the time to review. However, they are all a mesh of memorable tracks that make up the entire LP. In spite of a world where most people just  down load the most popular cuts and have yet to experience any classic  long player albums of any time period or  taking the time to evolve as a listener, this Album is a must for  people who like deep cuts on LP's and not just the notable hits.

Finally, the most impressive was the last song" Its Alright". Easily recognized as a Pet Shop Boys classic track from the early 90s and one of my favorites. It is for the hard core purist a Sterling Void song originally . I am not sure who really cares even though I never understood why so many people  put so much mystique on Sterling Void.  "Its Alright" is a slow piano balled and  is what I like to affectionately classify as "Sad Bastard Music" and which is more often classified as a torch songs for the Rolling Stone review types.  It is a very emotional piece of music and its guest female vocals brings back images of the first Gulf War and the early 90's. It brings a smile that warms my heart as it reminds me of haunting memories of  my past, a time that was so free and life was what ever you wanted it to be.
 I can't tell you to get this and your life will be made better. It has many era's of production styles of music from the past three decades. For most people, this entire album will be dismissed. If you are a person who finds music timeless and  music to be a center point of your life I would place it  somewhere between Florence & the Machines  and Scissor Sisters meets Studio 54.
I find it refreshing someone is making tracks that are not mass marketed focused pop music. I myself have become more of a fan of Hercules & Love Affair from this album. I am going  under the surface to find more enjoyable music like this one. This album " Blue Songs"is by far one of the most creative music albums in early 2011. Can not wait for more remixes of this album.

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