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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dig Deeper Phase One &Two

 Danny Howells upstart label in early 2009 reaches a three year bench mark. Obviously not an easy thing to do in this day in age of the madness of endless amounts of labels in digital distribution .  Danny has had  quite a staple of music. I find that 'Dig Deeper'  tracks  are more often some of my favorite tracks to play out over even  newer and even bigger tracks.
 Historically this label is the continued progression of where early nineties epic house changed into progressive house that stood side by side with trance once upon a time and for quite a few years. How ever the commercialization of trance only led  so many djs and music fans away from the genre with advent of the Electro House, Fidget and Minimal genres that pushed too many djs  on to playing current variations of questionable electronic music and only alienated people who were passionate about house music . While other sub genres of house have grown in the bleak musical times of electro &minimal.
This label stayed true to there underlying passion that at its core is House Music, and its disco parents in rhythm. 
This label started by Danny Howells in 2009 , was done to establish his obvious  high level profile into the world of djs owned & run labels. To have an output for the music and fellow dj-producers that Danny is passionate about .Dig Deeper has been a constant  shining light of modern house for cooler dance floors and djs who stress understated  track quality. It has stayed clear from gimmicks artist and remixes from flavor of the month acts. Dig Deeper has grown a reputation for underground credibility and playability in 2011 and beyond.

 This  Compilation split into two parts has some of the most impressive roster of producers, including Danny Howell's himself, Tom Budden, Johannes Heil , Stryke,Surrealism,Nick Warren,and Brendon Moeller.  A line up that continues to show understated quality over commercialism. A label that will continued to get plays from electronic music djs all over the world for quite some time. This label mirrors the quality of a Bedrock Records with out the hype. It stays true to its main focus as an underground house label.
It is refreshing when so many digital labels are going down a road that only the "noob"   generation is following.  This compilation also features Nick Warren, and some of his best solo material"Flowers" .Nick being one half of the infamous "Way Out West" . Also Dave Angel adds on of the best remixes I have heard in some time. 
I find the saturation in the digital music world  is slimmed down  a little bit with fantastic labels like "Dig Deeper" and  has enough track variety to stand out among the ocean of electronic music labels and artists.
If you want to stress quality electronic music "Dig Deeper " is a way of life. This label lives up to its name and is a must have for people who know what it means to "build it up"! and play enjoyable music. To make a statement with out having to play the biggest and  most grandstanding music and with out feeling like I need to bang it out harder than every one else to make a statement musically. Dig Deeper should be a staple in your play lists.

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