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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Black Rose - Anthem ( It Just Might Be)

 I will say I like Jesse Rose's music production with old staple's on  Dubsided records with Switch (Dave).
Hes is not a one trick pony. He keeps his music productions spanning deep house tones & chords with jacking techno rhythms. All the while being a bright light among the younger generation of  electro heads that escapes me why electro  is so popular and  sounds overly  ridiculous often at times.  Jesse Rose who has not been a stranger to the potential cross over tack. He sure  has got a  classic track that might go the distance.
  Like Riva Starr who is often found guilty  of  the retread disco sound mixed with the entire kitchen sink really. Into playable &  funky dance floor destroyers." Black Rose" is a  little understated but I have a feeling he has got it right this time. Seems Jesse Rose  has  been on the top of his game for the last  eight years with top notch tracks and remixes and keeps blowing up bigger and bigger every year with some of the more creative product in EDM. How ever we still have a long way to go for the popularity contest that is the DJ Poll top tier of the 100.
The Single Exclusive on  and is on the label  Made to Play. Made to play is what I would say is electro label. How ever one that I have kept on my own radar with there pod cast subscription to see how the other half lives and one I find my self jamming out too every once in a while.
 This Spanish styled house groove is one I can see being played city to city cost to cost and around the world in all the worlds biggest club venues. This track could be very large indeed. This track is very typical "Miami WMC "and sits in waiting especially for the pre summer  fun in the sun for the world at the WMC.    Time will tell  if this track will  live among the short list of  Miami's Winter Music Conference classic anthems .
 How ever for the  jaded and " I have  be there done that types" who hates on every thing.  This might be be easily classified as a simpler  ingredients of " We No Speak No Americano " by Yolanda B Cool & D Cup. That was the hair dressers & house wives Anthem for 2010. I my self found it to be a slightly bit annoying but fun . I am all for anything house & techno hitting the mainstream charts again and again.
  Love it or hate it, retread or "Retro" versions of popular sounds and productions styles  like disco & house and filtered disco house will never die and will always be a warm and welcome sound from the heavy metal  vibe meets electro and dubstep  cloud looming over the horizon of EDM.    I think I will start playing this one and have some fun music that makes me feel good inside.  

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