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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Agoria : Impermanence Lp ( Future Classic ***** )

When I listen to this album  I find it amazing that the subtle underlying  emotions and depths of this music transmitted  instantly in to my soul.  I love this sort of deep house boarding on techno . Not the up for it all night rave music most people imagine when you mention an out of date word like techno. Like your favorite Jazz record this album  wont sound dated in fifty years or more. Lovely strings with haunting piano chords on this long player. That makes this a real ear catcher  for people who's taste in electronic music can appreciate the less is more theory.
 Carl Craig contributes a vocal that  is soft spoken whispered and sexual for the track "Speechless" . The sort of after hours deep house with a  bravado of sexual lust and energy that can only be described  an one night fling with every inhibition gone.
Seth Troxler , contributes a spoken word like beatnik poet  on the track " Souless Dreamer". Something I can imagine that would work in any night clubs venue that have a clued up audience with a dj that can take  you  beyond the the walls into a world of the surreal .
"Under the River" a short written  page  of music out of any David Lynch movie with its melancholy  opus of pure jazz that transports you into the world of real artistic genius.  Which after hearing this you could only assume film scores are another of Agoria  talents . 
 Two contributing  tracks with Kid A,  make this album  a must have long player for your collection.
 Kid A's , vocals come on like a siren  from  a smoke filled jazz club in occupied France.  The two tracks "Kiss My Soul" & "Heart Beating"  make my heart melt as I can only dream in film noir about being a moody piano player in some well dressed  night club  when grown people made a fuss about going out.
  The more dance floor oriented track  "Panta Rei " takes me  back to way I felt when  I heard some early Detroit techno and later on records like Terrence Parker's "Tragedies of a Plastic Soul Junkie"album on K-7.
All the same this  is electronic music. While some might label this "Purist" or a relic of techno's past. I find this album a nod to the past and the future present. This is what techno has always been to me in part . Space Jazz, sleek and sexy futuristic music thats  perfect for waking the dead with a soundtrack for your Saturday night out . 
This Album by French artist Agoria is a long player that might go easily dismissed by some one with an untrained ear for subtleties in both light and dark atmospherics of  intelligent dance music 


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