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Friday, September 30, 2011

Raptures In the Grace of your love.

Now growing up I knew a ton of people who were into indie bands and labels of the early to mid and late 90's. They all listened to these shoe gazer bands, to be honest  they were cool sounding if you were loaded.  While I was fighting with people to throw on the Primal Scream Album while some one would be going ape shit about some band they discovered the night before at a show at Emo's in Austin.   I would just go to the safety of my car where I could dominate the tape player and listen to what ever the hell, I wanted too.   Be free of  crappy music.

I would have to say this album sounds really bad. Perhaps they are better live.  Perhaps they are a happy alternative to the bands that rock out hard with the same power chords and boring bass lines we have been hearing since the 70's & 80's.    Perhaps they have had short lived fame since leaving DFA. A label that for the most part did fine with there departure to a major label.
  Curious the bands return, despite the labels (DFA) obvious flare for alt-disco, post punk rhythms  and electro .   That has crossed over into many kinds of  dance music djs all over the globe.    Jame's the DFA label owner has his  own band  the LCD Sound System that is a much  much bigger act. If you saw there last  and final concert you know what I am talking about.
I would have to say that this album is a really boring experience. There is a ton of cooler bands though none come to mind while writing this blog. Perhaps when the remixes come around this album will take on a different life until then I would just say this has nothing to with quality. Sounds like a dull "Nuuw Yarkk" band.

So please do your self a favor don't recycle bad music. Just cause some main stream music mag & all the hipster kids are rocking this album . Do your self a favor and listen to any thing else. Do not try to convince your friends that this is by any ways cool, or the new alternative . The fact is this  album is boring and predictable.  Don't waste time on your hard drive.    Best avoided, however might be cool if your depressed and thinking of suicide.

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